The Practical Herbal Medicine Handbook - Althea Press

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The Practical Herbal Medicine Handbook - Althea Press

Publisher Description

Your personal guide to unlocking the natural healing power of herbs.

Put your health in your own hands with time-tested treatments. From the creators of the New York Times bestseller Essential Oils for Beginners, The Practical Herbal Medicine Handbook offers basic techniques and effective herbal treatments for everyday ailments, wellness, and beauty.  

• Treat common ailments such as headaches, bruises, and leg cramps with more than 100 everyday herbal remedies 

• Learn step-by-step techniques for buying, making, and growing herbal medicine

• Discover the 44 most common and effective healing herbs with the A-Z apothecary

• Reduce stress, soothe insomnia, and enhance your memory naturally with herbal remedies for your mental health and well-being

The Practical Herbal Medicine Handbookprovides a natural path to feeling better and improving your overall sense of wellness.